Remembering Wavelengths

Film de Jean-Claude Rousseau, 2014


On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 4:09 PM

Object : Remembering Wavelengths

Dear Michael Snow,

Last saturday we met at the Wavelengths Cocktail, and I was telling you
I had just done a film in my hotel room, before leaving it.

I had come from Paris without my movie camera, but I couldn’t leave this room
(moving in another hotel) without shooting the unexpected image I found there.

I used the camera of my small computer and it happened what I am sending you
now, by WeTransfer. I do not know if that 1 minute and 48 seconds can be taken
as a film, but for sure it has already a title :




Jean-Claude Rousseau


Envoyé: Vendredi 12 Septembre 2014 20:20:31

Objet: Re: Remembering Wavelengths

Dear Jean-Claude,

Thank you and bravo! Its a beautiful and moving new Wavelength. Perhaps I’ll see you tonight.




Envoyé: Samedi 13 Septembre 2014 00:03:39

Objet: Re: Remembering Wavelengths

Dear Michael,

I wish I would still be in Toronto for meeting you tonight,
but I am back in Paris since tuesday morning.

I spent four days in the festival, invited for my short film
called Under a changing sky.

I didn’t expect to see this photography in my hotel room
and I didn’t either expect to meet you. But it did happen,
and now it looks like if it was the main reason I had to
come to Toronto.




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