Masterclass avec Pedro Costa

Animée par Cyril Neyrat, janvier 2022

In the shadows of catacombs

This conversation took place in Ghent during Courtisane 2015. Pedro Costa was invited as one of the artists in focus of this edition of the festival, which screened several of Costa’s films and featured Cavalo dinheiro (2014) as closing film. Martin Grennberger: I would like to start with a...

Some violence is required

Pedro Costa came to the UK at the beginning of October, 2012. He initially arrived in Cambridge University for a screening of In Vanda's Room, then he traveled down to the capital to take part in a pair of Q&As following presentations of the newly remastered Second Run DVD...
En avant, jeunesse, Pedro Costa, 2006

Autour du cinéma de Pedro Costa

Travailler à Fonthainas, 2001 / 2008. Parcours à travers divers entretiens*
En avant jeunesse, Pedro Costa, 2006

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