Film de Borja Castillejo Calvo, 2023

Leviatán/ couleur / numérique / muet / 17min 13sec /

An ancient monster awakens from the sea. A ship moves between crystal waters in the darkest night witnessing God and the angels last battle.

I had been wanting to do something on video for quite some time and from a series of improvisations with objects at home and some old images of the sea, the shape of this film emerged. A film that draws from many sources, but is basically due to the similarity between two passages from the Old Testament and the New Testament (and their respective engravings illustrated by Gustave Doré). I am interested in the rhythm of images through silent montage and how a narrative can be built by opting only for the dynamics and movement of the figures.

contact : borjacastillejo(arobase)hotmail.com

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