bleared eyes of blue glass

Film de Park Kyujae, 2023

South Korea / b&w and color / silent / 8min 30sec / digital

Gradually the dark bar on the horizon became claer Gradually as the sky whitened a dark line lay on the horizon dividing the sea from the sky Gradually the fibres of the burning bonfire were fused into one haze, one incandescence which lifted the weight of the woollen grey sky on top of it and turned it to a million atoms of soft blue Meanwhile the shadows lengthened on the beach; the blackness deepened. Meanwhile the concussion of the waves breaking fell with muffled thuds, like logs falling, on the shore. Slowly a great owl launched itself from the elm tree and swung and rose, as if on a line that dipped, to the height of the cedar. Slowly the arm that held the lamp raised it higher and then higher until a broad flame became visible; The waves broke on the shore. Virginia Woolf.

Contact :  qkrrbwo1225(arobase)


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