ACT 00157

Installation / Film de Brad Butler & Karen Mirza, 2012

Conceived across three monitors, these (speech) acts perform utterances from the voice to the body, the body to voice as an exposition of voice, silence, gesture, and authority. Each performer is cast in relation to their own interests. They include: actor and activist Khalid Abdalla in Cairo; an interpretation of the exhibition Act of State curated by Ariella Azoulay; artist Nabil Ahmed speaking on labour issues and the language movement from Bangladesh. While each work is a speech act that is selfcontained, the accumulation of the voices speak to each other and the exhibition as a whole through the spatio-temporal strategies of adjacency and (off)setting of timing. A choreography of images and temporalities collect a collective practice.

ACT 000157 SCREEN 01

ACT 000157 SCREEN 02

ACT 000157 SCREEN 03

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